Charity at Te – Phan Orphanage

On 24 Sep 2016, D&D had a chance to visit Te – Phan Orphanage located at 359/51F Le Van Sy St, District 3, HCMC. The orphanage is under control of Mr. Hoang Van Binh who also originates from impoverished family. Deeply sympathizing with the disabled children, orphan children, Mr. Binh decided to bring them to his orphanage. As time goes by, this orphanage becomes the shelter for disabled children, orphan children, homeless children from everywhere. Mr. Binh and sponsors have paid all of their mind and endeavor to the unhappy lives.

Presently, the orphanage is sheltering 66 persons at age from 2 to 26 comprising 43 disabled persons and 23 homeless, orphan persons. They were having lunch when the delegation came. There are specific space for severe cases with aids to feed. Even limitation in conversation, they all were willing to express their happiness to the delegation. We gave them food such as rice, cooking oil, fish sauce, seasoning, milk, jelly, cheese, etc. and some money as an assistance in feeding them. Mr. Binh expressed his sincere thanks to D&D Company and the D&D Charity Fund for the concern to the orphanage.

This is the first opportunity of D&D to visit an orphanage directly sharing love to unhappy lives. From this start, D&D Charity Fund will continue meaningful activities to the community so that the spirit “the leaves cover the torn leaves” could strongly spread within D&D as well as the society.