Commending The HSE Activities at The Royal Boutique Hotel & Condo Da Nang (Thap Ven Song)

Responding to the Month of Action on Occupational Safety and Health in 2021 At D&D, we always put safety first and foremost because we understand that in order to achieve the developmental goals, it is essential to ensure safety in all situations. We aim to provide a safe workplace for all stakeholders including employees, the […]

Year end party 2020

Simulation of traditional Tet atmosphere The year 2020 has been gone with lots of feeling – up and dow, especially we have come through the year filled with the Covid 19 challenges, not only in Vietnam but also all over the world. Regardless of burdensome year and excruciating challenge to overcome, the Board of Directors […]


In construction projects, it is significantly necessary to make sure the construction ground is scientifically arranged as well as locations for equipment and materials are tidily provided. Those are for purpose of keeping labors on sites safe. Also, tidy workplace will partly help business outcome to accelerate. Aware of this importance, the Board of Directors […]


Throughout history of Vietnam, we could recognize the presence of women in every struggle against enemies as well as in contribution to the country development. With tenderness and ingenuity but full of strength and energy, women play significant roles in society in the general and organization in particular, especially in the period of international integration. […]