International Women’s Day 2024 comes with the tenderness in the last days of Spring. This is one of the special days of the year for people to show their love and gratitude to the other half of the world – Women. It is undeniable that the world becomes brighter and more perfect with the presence of women.

Nowadays, women have more opportunities to assert their position. Modern women are now not only the outer and spiritual beauties but also the distinguished members in society and home.

At D&D, we highly appreciate the values contributed by our beautiful colleagues for the Company’s development journey. On the occasion of International Women’s Day 2024, we had the cozy tea break to celebrate this special day.

Simple, but the party was full of laughter and joy. There, we are not superiors or subordinates any longer, we are simply exchanged affection and feelings, learned from one another in both career and life aspects.

On The International Women’s Day 2024, we wish all D&D’s ladies always have Health – Beauty – Young – Happiness.

We wish you …

Eager in your mind

Happy in your heart

Honest in your soul

Happy International Women’s Day 2024.