Safety at Workplace Training at Long Thanh Plastic Site

The training course of safety at workplace was conducted every Monday. This periodical activity is done for raising awareness about safety at workplace of engineers and workers at the site. Besides, this was also the chance for everybody to bring up questions or desires for the work.

Site location: 135A Ho Hoc Lam St, Binh Tan Dist., HCMC

Item: Expanded warehouse and Material warehouse.

Date: 13 Jun 2016

Lecturer: Mr. Truong Cong Tin – PIC of safety atworplace at Long Thanh Plastic Site.

At first, the lecturer transmitted site regulation in order to remind people of creating the safe and friendly environment and carrying out the project with good quality and on-time schedule.

Regulations including fine rates had been performed since 18 May 2015. The site managerial board informed of important information to sub-contractors as follows:

  1. Individuals, contractors working at the site must strictly obey site regulation, regulations of safety at workplace.
  2. Fine rates is clearly mentioned in the written regulation.
  3. Any violation will be recorded with proving pictures. The individuals who violate regulations three times will not be allowed to work at the site.

The patrols by safety officials and guardsmen will be regularly carried out to prevent violations.

Besides, the lecturer also gave specific warnings to each teams:

* Pile joint team:

Signing boards must be put around area of pile jointing robot and at robots’ cables, unauthorized persons are not allowed to access the working area. Pile heads must be covered to prevent from damaging people.

* Civil teams:

Cables must be regularly checked, joints must be tightly wrapped. Welding and cutting machines/ tools must be carefully covered to avoid rain water. Ladders must be used for working at high level or at pile pits. Materials, equipment input to site must be clearly recorded, carefully stored to avoid obstructing movement of people and vehicles.

Closing the lecture, Mr. Tin once again emphasized on the SAFETY FIRST. Everybody at the site should always obey regulations in order to ensure safety work as well as safety life.

Besides, the training course was also the chance for everyone to share opinions of work to others contributing to more modern and advanced working environment.