Like fragrance diffused from flowers, beauties of women are always splendid thanking to not only their appearances but also privileges granted by the Creator.

Especially, in the times of integration, the roles of women are more exhibited. Apart from playing role in families, they continually build up knowledge to pay greater contribution to their workplaces and societies.

In order to honor and pay tribute to the vital contribution of female employees, D&D held the International Women’s Day 8/3 event as a gift to them. The participation with best greetings from the Board of Directors (BOD) made the event becoming more meaningful.

Time has gone but happy moments will last forever. The smiles of women today are the most powerful motivation for us who held this event feel more confidence to hold meaningful events in the future.

On behalf of BOD, we would like to express our sincere thanks to all women of D&D for their best efforts dedicated to the company development as well as their kind cooperation extended to D&D in the past and future.

Wish you always stay healthy, stay young and full of positive energy to embellish this life more and more beautiful like blossoming  flowers.