Soccer Tournament “Enjoy Joyful & Healthy Spring – Share Love”

On 26 Jan 2016, D&D held the soccer tournament for office section and site section named “Enjoy Joyful & Healthy Spring – Share Love”. The prize for the winner would be donated to a case under hard circumstances at the Company. Thus, tournament not only motivated sportive spirit at the Company but also shared love in terms of mentality and physics as well.

Female fans enthusiastically cheering the teams

Apart from members of the teams, the tournaments attracted lots of enthusiastic fans.

After 90 minutes of ebullience and tension, the win was granted to the Office Team at final score 7 – 3. Although big difference in score, all were satisfied with efforts and team spirit shown by both teams.

Tension in front of the goal

After the match, players and fans gathered at Saigon New Restaurant for the party closing the meaningful game as well as the successful year of D&D.