Throughout history of Vietnam, we could recognize the presence of women in every struggle against enemies as well as in contribution to the country development. With tenderness and ingenuity but full of strength and energy, women play significant roles in society in the general and organization in particular, especially in the period of international integration.

In order to honor positive contribution of the beauties in D&D, the company held the cozy party for female employees on the occasion of Vietnam Women’s Day. The party welcomed the participation of leaders and male employees of the company.

One of the most attractive parts that is “The Flower Arrangement Competition” which took part in by “Reaching out” and “D&D Flowers” teams. They were more confident when receiving the audiences’ enthusiastic cheers which not only made exciting atmosphere but also helped engage everybody closer together.

Indeed, no matter what aspect women involve, they still complete their mission excellently. The party also brought lots of happiness to all of participants.

D&D Company wishes that all women are always beautiful as bright flowers making life in the world become more meaningful.