Ground Breking Ceremony at the Site of Saigon Colourful Zone

The ground breaking ceremony of the site Saigon Colourful Zone (C’zone) at the Park 23/9 (HCMC) took place on 12 Apr 2016. Representatives of the owner Cuu Long Investment & Trade Company Ltd. and of the general contractor D&D Engineering Construction JSC commenced the ceremony at 2 P.M.


The zone is built at the Section B of the Park 23/9 (District 1, HCMC) with total area 14,031m2 comprising 10,368m2 basement and 3,663m2 on the ground. Target customers would be the tourists to HCMC, to C’zone and residents around the zone.

The design of the C’zone would bring a new, active, fresh and friendly-to-environment shape to the area contributing to the urban planning of HCMC. The C’zone’s design represents greenery of the city, multiple colors are used to create highlights. The materials used are light, easy for building, replacement and moving.

Perspective of the site Saigon Colourful Zone


The basement has two functions: trade – service – entertainment area and parking lot. The trade – service – entertainment area comprises lobby, shops and space for food and beverage. The parking lot capacity is 187 cars and 554 motorbikes. The lot is accessed to the emergency exit, fire-fighting station. The project was finished by Dec 2016.