In construction projects, it is significantly necessary to make sure the construction ground is scientifically arranged as well as locations for equipment and materials are tidily provided. Those are for purpose of keeping labors on sites safe. Also, tidy workplace will partly help business outcome to accelerate. Aware of this importance, the Board of Directors of D&D decided to apply 5S methodology in order to build a great workplace as well as trust for customers by providing buildings where not only construction quality is secured but also safety is put on priority.

The 5S Team of D&D was established comprising members from BOD, heads of department and site managers. After few months, preparation work such as training scheduling, content designing, method of measurement, zone dividing, slogans writing, tools, etc. have been completed.

Training sessions for every employees both in offices and sites have been hold helping them have better understanding of 5S’s benefits as well as guiding and stimulating personnel in the implementation. All participants were actively engaged in the training activities.

Practising 5S in training session at construction site

Practising 5S in training session at D&D office 

5S at construction sites every Friday afternoons

Frequent 5S activities in D&D office every Friday afternoons

We truly believe that professional image, outstanding quality of construction and high level of safety in every projects will acquire satisfaction from customers and affirm long-term commitment to stake-holders.